Legalease been researching the legal sector for 30+ years. We collect data in more than 100 countries, worldwide. We have more information on the client market than any other organisation in the legal sector.

Legalease Research Services offers law firms access to anonymised data from law firm clients, worldwide.

Legalease Research Services has collected over 7 million data points. This is the largest law firm client satisfaction databases in the world, and it is now available to law firm managers and partners.


Legalease Research Services
188 Fleet Street
United Kingdom

Confidentiality: for over 30 years Legalease has been entrusted with confidential, not to be published, information from law firms about their legal practices, and their client bases. We have always honoured those confidentiality obligations.

For the avoidance of doubt:

  • We never sell ‘lists’ of clients to third parties
  • We never disclose any confidential information to third parties
  • We are not private equity owned – our long-term professional reputation and integrity are more important to us that short-term profitability
  • We have the highest GDPR/data protection standards in the legal market.

Data protection: we have strict data protection policies. Download our Privacy Policy and Third Party Information Undertakings.