For 50+ jurisdictions we offer 3 Standalone Reports reports:

Report 1

2021 Firm-specific and Practice/Sector-Specific Benchmark Report

Report 1 above is supplemented with the data for your firm, with one exception: The Sector/Practice area data for your firm is limited to 2 Sectors/Practice Areas of your choosing. The report only displays results for your firm’s Client Service Scores  in the remaining Sector/Practice Areas for which we have data.

Report 2

2021 Practice/Sector-specific Peer-Firm Comparison Report

This report enables you to select one of the 21 UK Sector/Practice areas and compare your results against up to 15 (minimum of 5) competitor firms of your choosing. The names of competitor firms will NOT be revealed. We will provide you with a list of competitor firms for which we have statically valid comparison data to choose from.

Report 3

2021 Bespoke Practice/Sector-specific Peer-Firm Benchmark Report

This bespoke Sector/Practice report is tailored to your requirements and may require you to provide additional client referees (for us to survey) to supplement our data, to ensure statistical-valid results.

The 21 UK Sectors/Practice Areas are mapped to over 100 Practice Areas the L500 will Tier rank in 2021. We will work with your firm to identify either a specific Practice Area or a suitable customised grouping of Practice Areas. We will then create custom “peer-group” benchmarks (based on all other firms in the UK for that Practice Area) and compare your firm’s results. We will provide you of a list of all firms included in the benchmark, but not their individual anonymised results. This report is usually ordered to supplement Report 2.

Note: Report 3 will not always be possible and availability will be determined once an assessment of the statistical validity of the data set is completed.

We also offer Basic Subscription and Drill-Down Subscription packages in these countries.

Contact for the list of available countries and jurisdictions.