Greatness is relative

Legalease Research Services has more data on law firms, and their clients, than any other organisation. We hold 7m+ data points.

Our Client Satisfaction surveys reveal what client really thing of the law firms they use.

We are the only organisation offering relative performance scores (not absolute scores)

We offer a range of pre-prepared reports. We also do bespoke research.

What do clients really think of your firm?

Your clients tell us what they don’t tell you

  • All findings are guaranteed statistically accurate.
  • Over 7m+ data points
  • Over 250,000 clients consulted every year, worldwide
  • The largest legal data bank in the world
  • Measuring Client Satisfaction for 5,000 law firms, in 100+ countries
  • Our data reveals the truth…. what clients really think about your firm’s service

Client Satisfaction and post-COVID business planning

Every law firm is planning for the downturn. It means tough decision as regards personnel, resources and planned investment.

But you can only make the right decisions if you know your firm’s strengths and weaknesses. What do clients think is ‘good’ about the firm’s service… and what do they think is ‘bad’? We can supply objective, factual, answers to those questions.

Only Legalease Research Services has sufficient data to reveal how your client’s rate you relative to your competitors.

This is core, essential, business information. It is objective and factual. Without it, you cannot make informed decisions.

If you don’t know what’s wrong then you can’t fix it. And forget spending money on informal client feedback surveys (clients won’t tell you what they really think…); forget client quotes (editorially selected, Unpublished quotes flatter to deceive…). Just rely on objective, factual, data which is guaranteed to be statistically valid and correct.

We have the data… we have the facts.

Statistically valid – our reports deal solely in objective facts.

  • not editorial opinion
  • not a consultant’s opinion
  • not a phone survey
  • not a selection of client quotes
  • not a statistically-flawed client-feedback survey
  • not an editorial product dressed-up as a data product

Our reports provide the truth about your firm’s position in the market – how it ranks against it’s competitors.

Client Satisfaction: 3 Steps to improvement

Step 1: identify the problem. This is what our reports do – they identify your firm’s strengths and weaknesses. Our advice is to focus on the areas where your firm does poorly, relative to it’s competitors. Armed with that knowledge, you can move to Step 2:

Step 2: find out why there is a problem. Our report will have told you what the problem is (for instance, Litigation clients are not as happy as Corporate clients), but you then need to find out why that is so. You can research that yourself; use outside consultants; or use our bespoke research service. Then you can move on to Step 3:

Step 3: implement change to solve the problem.


Restrictions on using our data – what you cannot do with it!

Our data reports are designed to inform business decisions. Typically, they are bought by Managing Partners and Heads of Department to get an objective insight into a firm’s strengths and weaknesses.

We include the scores of competitor firms, so business leaders can understand how their own firms perform relative those competitors.

But those competitor scores are confidential. They are disclosed for business planning purposes only – not for comparative marketing purposes. So, you cannot reveal the score, or relative performance, of any other firm. That is strictly prohibited.

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